Lean and Clean

DUNK START DATE:Tuesday, February 18th

CHALLENGE START DATE: Monday, February 24th

CHALLENGE END DATE: Friday, April 18th

DUNK END DATE: Friday, April 25th

REGISTRATION STARTS: Monday, February 3rd

REGISTRATION ENDS: Friday, February 21st

 Click Here to Register

(please make sure you sign up for your dunk time at each locations sign up sheet)

COST: $100 per member
DUNK TANK ADMISSION: ($85 + $15 for buy in)

NUTRITION LECTURE 1: Saturday, February 22nd at 2:00pm with Coach Angela

NUTRITION LECTURE 2: Saturday, March 22nd Dr. Christian Barney
Before and After

“Before” photos will be taken the week of the challenge.
“After” photos will be taken after the dunk tank has been submitted.

Photos: Front, side and back view. (Men in shorts/no shirt. Ladies in shorts/sports bra.)


There will be an overall male winner and overall female winner for all three locations.

1st Place 2 private lessons
A free buddy pass (1 month free)
Progenex swag and supplements
Pure Pharma Vitamins
Lulu Lemon gift voucher
Rx Smart Gear Jump Rope

2nd Place Everyone else but the prize is a Healthier YOU!


We believe nutrition is the foundation of any good fitness program, and the gateway to good health and well-being. Fueling your body correctly improves everything from athletic performance, to having better sleep, recovering faster, and having clarity throughout the day. As you make your way through this 60 day challenge all of these wonderful benefits will be brought to light.
We all train hard, try to get adequate sleep, practice active recovery techniques and try to eliminate stress, but if you’re not incorporating good nutritional practices into your daily life, you will always fall short of your health and fitness potential.
Its time to step it up a notch…….. Are you ready to re-establish a healthier lifestyle?
The aim of CFAI’s Lean and Clean Challenge is to reintroduce healthy habits and get back on track to a healthier you. A body reset if you like, and with the support of our Coaches you can start 2014 off with a healthier and leaner YOU.


10 Responses to “Lean And Clean Nutritional Challenge!”

    • jeff.brittain

      Just go to the link on this post (it is there now) and register. You can choose the dunk & challenge, or just do the challenge. When you sign up, there is a choice. Also if you plan on doing the dunk, please sign up at your location for a specific time slot.
      Good luck,

      • Stephan Shenk

        Hey Jeff,

        I just tried to register using the link above but it said all ticket sales are done 🙁 I’ve already been dunked and don’t want to miss out on registering. Would it be possible for you to email me another link perhaps.

  1. Sakina Hassan

    So there are no rules??? What’s the purpose of the dunk tank? What time are these nutritional classes?

    • jeff.brittain

      Hi Sakina,
      The dunk tank is there to do body fat testing. THis is the most accurate way to asses your body composition. The winner of the contest will be determined based upon everyones final analysis at the end of the competition. The challenge itself is a great way for you to get information and support in trying to loose body fat and gain muscle. We will have seminars and other materials to help educate people on ways to improve their diet. If you have any specific questions about the challenge, please email Saralyn or Angela for further details. Look forward to seeing you participate.

  2. Brian Silver

    I registered last night but am out of town next Wednesday and Thursday. The AI1 dunk sign ups were for next Wednesday. Is there another time I can get dunked? Thx.

    • jeff.brittain

      You can always goto Fitness Wave in Irvine to get dunked. Just do it before the 22nd. THeir phone number is on the pinned post on the facebook site or on the signup sheet.

    • jeff.brittain

      We will be sending out an email with more details on time of the seminars. Please feel free to contact Angela @ anaerobicinc. com and she may have more updated information at this time.


  3. Nabaht

    I’m totally new to crossfit, and relatively versed in body composition challenges.
    I intend to start up on Monday (3-month starter package).
    This challenge is pretty enticing…
    However, if I don’t dunk then I’m not eligible to win, right?

    Does the $85 fee cover a “final dunk?” So we can see what changes actually happened?


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