Couples Competition

“It Takes Two”

This weekend’s Couples Event was an absolute blast we had teams from all gyms come together for a day of fun and fitness. The workouts were a true test of the couples ability to work together as a team. The workouts consisted of two long workouts and a skills floater. A huge shout out to all those who came to compete, volunteer, and cheer on the competitors. Absolutely amazing community!

Event results

RX Division: Overall – 1st place (Mark Spears and Alaina Puckett), 2nd place (Mark Wolf and Linsey Farell)

Members (non coach) – 1st (Molly Johnson, Dave Delmonico), 2nd (Matt and Krista Sugarman), 3rd (Chris and Karen Bishow), 4th (Marty and Sarah Crotty)

Scaled Division – 1st (Jen Mulkey and Matt Harline), 2nd (Christian Valdez and Melanie Paxton), 3rd (Steve and Lyndy Lewis), 4th (Bon Bon and Sean Ward)

WOD 1 “In Sync”

Cash In 500M Row (Partner A)


Synchronized Thrusters (must move at same time)<br

T2B (partner hangs on bar

Syncronized KBS

Cash Out 500 M Row (Partner B)

Wod 2 “Chipper Run”

All work is shared. One partner works at a time and work is divided up evenly.

40 Deadlifts (225#/155#)

200 M Medball run

50 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

200 M Medball run

60 DU

200 M Medball run

50 Pullups

200 M Medball run

40 Power Snatchs (95#/65#)

Floater Wod (Hand Stand Walk for distance – Combined distance)


More pictures to come


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