Why You Should Lift with Coach Jeff Brittain

As all of you have heard (or should have heard!), we have brought back our Anaerobic Barbell Class on Wednesdays at 6:45pm. This class is taught by our own Coach Jeff Brittain, a longtime Ai Member and Coach.

Whether you are a new lifter or a veteran platform junkie, there is always room for improvements to your lifts. For those who don’t know, lifting is actually quite technical. The smallest move in the wrong direction can result in a ruined lift, or even injury. Having someone take the time in a setting where you can be watched individually to analyze your lifts and make corrections makes a world of difference when you are in regular classes. You will be more conscious of your own form, and be more apt to move properly. Even if your goal is not to lift a ton of weight, you will find that you will become more efficient in your daily WODs. Lifting is all about efficiency. Most importantly, you will recognize faults in your form when it matters most, which is while you are fatigued.

Jeff brings extensive knowledge and experience to the gym. He is a former NPC Bodybuilder, a Certified CPT Personal Trainer, a former competitive Powerlifter, and has been a CrossFit Judge for many years in the past. His vast understanding of lifts and patient demeanor is a perfect fit for a lifting class. You will learn tips of the trade to help improve your performance and increase your confidence in regular classes at the gym.

We realize that not everyone can make a 6:45pm class every Wednesday. But if you are able to come at least once, you will find it is absolutely worth your time.

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