Paleo Food PyramidPaleo Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the biggest components of what we do here at CrossFit Anaerobic. We provide our clients with resources outlining the best ways to modify your diet to support your new, active lifestyle. For optimal results we recommend eating Paleo.

What is Paleo? Paleo is based on the simple understanding that the best human diet is the one we are best genetically adapted to. In other words, “Eating Paleo” means eating like our pre-agricultural ancestors did, before we had the technology to process grain, the know-how to churn butter, or the sense of humor to manufacture a Big Mac. The simplest way to explain Paleo is to limit your diet to the following:

This might seem a little extreme at first, but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. The human body only really started eating truly processed food a century or two ago, which is why we recommend going back to basics by eating foods that we know our body is built to eat. Another good rule of thumb to keep in mind when you go to the grocery store is to avoid the aisles and only shop for items around the perimeter of the store. Most of the items you’ll find down the aisles are heavily processed or very starchy. Sticking to the perimeter of the grocery store will leave you with much healthier options to choose from. Go ahead… Give it a try.

Some Good News

You get 3 cheat meals every week. Eat whatever you want and in whatever quantity. You may spread those 3 meals out over the week or you can contain them into 1 day.

More Good News

Do this plan strictly for 30 days and you:

  • Will normalize your insulin levels
  • Will improve your digestive health
  • Will lose fat
  • Will feel better
  • Will look better
  • Will get in the best shape of your life!

So many “workout programs” or “diet programs” focus too heavily on one facet of getting healthy and leave you with an unbalanced approach. Combining workouts in our CrossFit Gym in Rancho Santa Margarita or Newport/Irvine with Paleo nutrition will give you the balance you have been looking for. Don’t wait to get started on your path to optimum health, Get Started today!

“Eat only Meats & Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, some Fruit, little Starch, and No Sugar.”
In other words…
“If you can pick it or kill it,
you can eat it.”