Why CrossFit?

Because CrossFit is the fitness of life. CrossFit strengthens your ability to perform functional movements, helping you in sport, recreation and general health. Applied in one-hour classes with 10-20 other dedicated CrossFitters, you will be motivated to push yourself to the limit on a daily basis, putting you in the best shape of your life. Period.

What is CrossFit?

Simply put, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. CrossFit can benefit everyone from the soccer mom to the executive, the couch potato to the elite athlete… we train the entire spectrum. We believe fitness means not specializing by being able to perform well in different movements and different time intervals. CrossFit athletes excell in a variety of different events.

Our programming is based on 3 Core Principles:

Functional Movements Useful in real life.
Each workout incorporates a combination of cardio and weightlifting movements that we as humans would be doing with or without sophisticated equipment. They are movements that require you to use many different parts of your body all at once, cultivating the kind of strength that is useful in real life. It’s the difference between being really good at bicep curls (it’s not), and being able to properly lift something heavy off the ground and get it over your head.
Constantly Varied Different workout every day.
Muscle confusion is a common term people associate with this concept. The human body is extremely adaptable. If you throw something different at it every day, it will find a way to adapt. Doing the same gym routine or 30min jog every day doesn’t give your body any incentive to get any more fit. CrossFit gives you a completely different challenge every day, forcing your body to be fit for anything.
High Intensity We make you sweat!
We turn up the music. You’re working hard with your peers. You’re battling with yourself. There is something innate about working out in a group. If you see everyone around you getting after it, you’re going to do the same. Looking for motivation? A sense of community and shared suffering is enough to make people do some amazing things.

CrossFit is not sport-specific and promotes a broad, inclusive and general physical fitness. It is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of age or experience.

If you’re ready to begin CrossFit Training at one of our locations in Rancho Santa Margarita or Laguna
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